Fully welded rectangular classroom tables

For many years classroom tables for secondary schools have been around 700 – 710 mm in height. These were used with chairs with a seat height of 430 mm. More recently, tables with a height of 760 mm have been introduced for which a chair with a seat height of 460 mm is usually most appropriate.

So, it’s………430 mm seat height chair with a 700 or 710 mm height table. 460 mm seat height chair with a 760 mm height table. However, heights of students, even in the same class, may vary considerably so it’s difficult to make a hard and fast rule, but if you stick to the above guide you are unlikely to go far wrong.

Table construction:   Table frames are usually of two types:

a. Crush bent:    This means that the metal frame tubing is bent at 90 degrees on a special machine to form both legs and the horizontal section which is fixed to the underside of the top. This design is easy to slide-on stack, usually up to five or six tables high.

b.  Fully welded.  All frame tubes are welded at the corners. In our opinion this produces a  stronger and more robust frame.  These frames “spiral stack”  up to four high which is not quite as convenient as slide-on stacking frames, but if tables are to remain in situ in classrooms then in our opinion this is the best option. The images below show fully welded tables spiral stacked on the left and crush bent frames side on stacked on the right.

The usual sizes for ages 11 upwards tables are: 1200 x 600 mm and 600 x 600 mm worktop sizes, with a height of between 700 and 760 mm. , although we can supply other sizes to meet your requirements, eg.  1100 x 550 mm

Table tops are usually made of either laminated MDF (medium density fibreboard) or MFC (melamine faced chipboard) with an 18 mm thickness. We prefer MDF as it is a denser material and is much better at accepting the screws which fix the frame to the underside of the table top.

Prices below are for  fully welded tables only , not crush bent.

200+    100+ 50+ 30+
1200 x 600 mm  

£  41.98

£  42.35 £  42.90 £ 43.50

A surcharge may apply for certain laminate colours


Additional information

Seat height

350+, 100+, 30+, 1-29


£ 17.32, £ 17.68, £ 17.98, £ 18.05


£ 16.12, £ 16.68, £ 16.98, £ 17.12


£ 14.89, £ 15.34, £ 15.68, £ 15.93


£ 14.32, £ 14.90, £ 15.12, £ 15.34


£ 13.90, £ 14.48, £ 14.72, £ 14.88


£ 13.58, £ 14.04, £ 14.39, £ 14.62