“CENTRAL” classroom tables

Our “CENTRAL” tables are manufactured in the UK and carry a  SIX  year “fair wear and tear” frame guarantee. These tables are available in  460 mm,  530 mm,   590 mm,  640 mm, 710 mm  and 760 mm heights for secondary schools and colleges.  For  schools the following guide should be helpful:

Size ref.                               Height   (mm)                Age of child
1                                        460                                        3-4 years
2                                        530                                       4-6  years
3                                        590                                       6-8  years
4                                        640                                       8-11  years
5                                        710                                       11-16  years
6                                        760                                       14-adult

If  your tables are likely to be in situ for long periods then we suggest the “fully welded” design which, in our opinion is more rigid and robust.  Fully welded tables can be “spiral stacked.”  The alternative is “crush bent”  table construction which enables tables to be “slide-on” stacked.  In our opinion fully welded construction is preferable.  Our tables are available with a choice of table edging. The most economical, and  recommended by us,  is MDF edging where the core worktop edge   is rounded and lacquered to give a simple, “no nonsense” edge which cannot be prised off (!)  with  screwdrivers or penknives.

We can also supply tables with a PVC edge in different colours.  However,  the PVC edge may be prised off with a screwdriver  so, in the interests of longevity we do not recommend this type, unless you particularly need a matching or contrasting colour edge.   Another alternative to an MDF edge is a spray PU edge which gives an attractive and hard wearing finish …now available in different colours.
Prices below are for  sizes  1200 x 600 mm ,   1100 x 550 mm
MDF edge tables.

Please choose from the following worktop  laminate colours:   beech,
light grey,  maple,  oak,  red,  yellow,   green,  blue,  speckled grey,  white

Frame colours:  black,   light grey,

 Polyeurathene  edging:   charcoal,  blue,  red,  green,  light grey

Add  £  12.50 per table  to the below prices if you require tables
with a PU edge,    Add  £ 8.50 per table if you would like tables with a PVC edge and please advise the  edging colour you require.

:1200 x 600 mm  or 1100 x 550 mm    all  heights.

£  67.92   (100+)     £ 68.95   (50+)    £  73.20   (20+)

600 x 600 mm size:      all heights

 £ 58.45   (100+)          £  59.62    (50+)             £  59.98  (20+)

Please be aware that our CENTRAL tables are supplied fully assembled and ready for use.  They are  NOT   of the “self assembly” type, which we do not recommend.

Please contact us for pricing on project and bulk orders…..  see also our “Cambridge”  UK manufactured  classroom tables which have a  FIFTEEN year  “fair wear and tear”  frame guarantee.       all prices are ex vat
Choose from beech,  grey,  red,  blue,  yellow,  green , maple,  oak laminate worktops.
Other laminate colours are available to special order.  “specials  ” ie. different sizes, shapes and finishes are also available  but at additional cost and with longer lead times.   Please contact us if you would like more information.

Please contact us if you would like to chat about  specifications or a possible order.   Tel:  020 7515 1797     No obligation  !


Additional information

Seat height

350+, 100+, 30+, 1-29


£ 17.32, £ 17.68, £ 17.98, £ 18.05


£ 16.12, £ 16.68, £ 16.98, £ 17.12


£ 14.89, £ 15.34, £ 15.68, £ 15.93


£ 14.32, £ 14.90, £ 15.12, £ 15.34


£ 13.90, £ 14.48, £ 14.72, £ 14.88


£ 13.58, £ 14.04, £ 14.39, £ 14.62