“Premium” science lab. art room or craft table

Why is this table called “Premium”  ?   Well, for a start it’s manufactured with  extra strong  45 mm round tube which is both robust and attractive.   There’s a choice of  six standard laminate colours (on an MDF core) or for extra durability a Trespa top which should last in excess of twenty years.

Table heights:  (mm)    760,    800,    850,    900,    950,   1000 mm

Worktop size:  (mm)   1200 x 600,    1200 x 750,   1500 x 750 mm

Laminate worktop  colours:  beech,  ailsa  grey, blue,  light grey,  oak

Trespa top colours:  speckled icy blue,  speckled pastel grey, speckled powder blue,  speckled white,  white.    Minimum order three tables.

Fully welded,  45 mm  round tubing,  MDF edge

1200 x 600 mm        £ 179   (2-5)             £ 175    (6+)

1200  x  750 mm      £ 193     (2-5)           £  190  (6+)

1500 x 750 mm       £ 228     (2-5)          £ 225   (6+)

Specification as above, but with a hard wearing spray PU edge
instead of an MDF edge.

Specification as above but with a 16 mm solid grade Trespa top
rather than a standard laminate worktop.                                                       

Trespa panels are manufactured  from wood fibres, polypropylene and epoxy resin at high temperature and pressure.  The result is a work surface which has a high chemical, heat and humidity resistance, making Trespa an ideal material  for use in workbenches and in science labs.

For current  prices, please  email:  info@centraleducational.co.uk
or phone:  020 7515 1797