Laboratory, food technology, art & craft tables crush bent

Our laboratory / craft tables are manufactured in the UK and have an  EIGHT year “fair wear and tear” frame guarantee. They are constructed from 30 mm square steel tube to provide a robust  table which is available in three  worktop sizes:      1200 x 600 mm;    1200 x 750 mm;    1500 x 750 mm

Choose from six table heights:  760,  800,  850,  900,  950,  1000 mm
Choose from six laminate colours: ailsa grey,  beech, blue,  light grey, oak, white

The standard finish  is a rounded and lacquered MDF edge but if you prefer we can supply with a hard wearing spray on PU edge in charcoal, blue or light grey.

If you would like Trespa worktops, which are exceptionally hardwearing  and stain resistant we can supply these.  They are available in the following colours:  speckled ice blue,  speckled pastel grey,  speckled powder blue, speckled white, white.

Please call   020 7515 1797 or email
for current prices.